How Do Libertarians View Government?

We have established principles that we view all laws, pending legislation, and government action through. This is the cornerstone of our thought. Read the LPIN statement of principles here and the national LP platform here.

Secondly, we look at the Constitution. In the majority of cases, a written constitution will harmonize with the libertarian view of government: less government intervention and more freedom. We view government as our founders did: men and women can rule themselves and make the best choice for their situation. A government exists to protect from someone’s rights being trampled on. It protects us with equal justice. If someone commits fraud, theft, murder, or another act of violence, then they should be punished. The rules should be written down, and followed. We call this the rule of law.

We are a separate party and a separate philosophy from conservatives, liberals, and progressives because we believe they have gone past the rule of law, and have crept in to the rule of men. The rule of men is a tricky thing. It can be bought, it picks favorites, and sometimes can be unjust. When the government starts trying to intervene in economic, personal, or foreign affairs, it disrupts the natural order of human interactions. It’s like building a dam in a river. Yes, there may be a good reason, but there will also be a lot of other unintended consequences.

We believe that the less government there is, the better your life will be. Would a libertarian society be perfect? No. Our country has a tremendous amount of government. Would you consider our world today perfect? No. But for every problem you identify, there is probably a “government solution” causing it!

The bottom line is this: Government forces you to do things. In many cases, it give you two choices: “Do what we say or go to jail.” The only time that force should be used is when you’ve violated the rights of another through violence, fraud, theft, etc… It shouldn’t be used to force you to buy health insurance, for example. Is it a good choice in this day and age to have it? Absolutely! There are serious consequences if you don’t. But you make that choice. If you make the wrong choice, then that failure will make you stronger. The risk of failure means more people make better choices.

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Indiana Issues

  • Property Tax Repeal/Reform — The Libertarian Party of Indiana is at the forefront of the battle to eliminate or reform property tax laws in the state. Proposed in the early 2000′s, the LPIN activists proposed a sensible alternative for moving Indiana away from unconstitutional taxes. The plan, designed for incremental change, allows for equitable assessment of property based upon square footage in three classifications: residential, industrial/commercial and agricultural. We want a fair tax system for farmers, small business owners, and home owners alike. The eventual goal for most in the party is the elimination of the tax. View the 2001 Libertarian Party of Indiana Property Tax Reform Plan here.
  • Support for Small Business — The Small Business Initiative builds upon the rights of small business owners to operate their businesses as they see necessary with little interference from government. Excessive taxation, restrictive business licensing and expensive permitting should be examined and minimized. Our laws should protect the interests of entrepreneurs and pave a way for a thriving private economy free from corporate welfare and transference of tax dollars from one business interest to another.
  • Electoral Reform — The Libertarian Party of Indiana believes in true election reform and the administration of fair elections. Free speech should not be hindered by overreaching campaign finance laws. Every vote should count and we should count every vote. We must provide a verifiable paper audit trail with each election. We cannot accept paperless, electronic voting equipment. We cannot accept Gerrymandered districts any longer.
  • Defense of Private Property — Be it opposition to eminent domain and forced annexation or defending the rights of restaurant owners to offer a smoking section, the Libertarian Party of Indiana fervently defends the property rights of individuals and corporations alike.
  • We stand for school choice. Parents and the local community is the final authority on educational standards. Money should always follow the student.
  • We stand for a true free market economy, which is self regulating.
  • We stand for state sovereignty, believing that the Tenth Amendment should be obeyed. The Bill of Rights are not polite suggestions. Citizens can monitor and control their government far easier at a local level.

National LP Views


Libertarians believe the answer to America’s political problems is the same commitment to freedom that earned America its greatness: a free-market economy and the abundance and prosperity it brings; a dedication to civil liberties and personal freedom that marks this country above all others; and a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace, and free trade as prescribed by America’s founders.”